Fleet managers can connect to Harvest from any browser. Google Map tracks vehicles via intuitive dispatch. Fleet managers can receive several types of alerts such as: breaching the Geo-Fence perimeter, G-Sensor alerts, and any other type of event. Fleet managers can obtain discreet device snapshots, location and video. Harvest automatically generates driver reports.
Management Organizations
Add/Edit Organization ID
Multiple Main Group
Multiple Sub-group
On/Off Notification Email

Drive Logs
Driving Routes on Google Map
Event Marks on the Route
Point of Engine On/Off
Locations by Interval, Speed, or Impact
Snapshot by Interval, Speed, or Impact
Video Clip by Impact
Quick Movement
Detail Information of Event
Management Terminals
Add/Edit Terminal  ID
Display Firmware Information
Diplay Current IP Address of Terminal
Assign Group for Terminal
Notification Email Address

Analysis & Reports
Driver Analysis
Drive Times
Event Times (Quick Turn/Start/Stop)
Speeding, Long Idle
Safe Drive Report
CO2 Emission

Management Users
Add/Edit User ID 
Assign Group for User
Access Level (Admin, Manager, Driver)

Driving Reports
Add/Edit User ID
Assign Group for User
Access Level (Admin, Manager, Driver)