Mesh LED Screen
Mesh LED Screen is the latest “ State of the Art” medial design feature which integrates seamlessly into architecture during the day and stages fantastic vivid displays at night.

Mesh LED Screen has persuasive attributes such as low self weight and the flexibility of size and formation of the applied face or body. With the use of LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) the system is almost maintenance free. For components which are exposed to the elements, moveable parts were abdicated from use.

The system due to its degree of protection (IP66) and the use of stainless steel wire rope is suitable for all weather conditions without any restriction. Only the control unit and the power supply require weather-proofing.
Advantages of Mesh LED Screen
  • High transparency (84 % at mesh width 90 mm)
  • Free definition of pixel size between 40 - 300 mm
  • 3D-modeling
  • Low self- weight
  • Video compatible (DVI, VGA)
  • Protection rating IP-65, outdoor weathering resistance
  • Flexible dimensions

Mesh LED Screen V1
Color Definition 14 bit native
Control DMX
Power Requirement 12V DC
Power Consumption (under full load) Max. 0.95W
Angle of Radiation 40˚ X 100˚
Light Intensity 7.5cd
Dimension per LED in mm 24 X 24 X 15 (W X H X D)
Protection Rating IP 65
Environmental Temperature -20˚C ~ +50˚
X-TEND CXE, rope-Ø 2 mm
MW / MH in mm
60x10470x12180x13990x155100x173120x208140x242160x277180x312200x346on request
Weight per m2 in kg53.933.
Number of LEDs per m2 3212361801431158059453629-
Transparency  in %71768184868880929394-